Blinks Dataset

Download the dataset here (3.23GB).

This is a dataset for eye blink detection which I created and painstakingly hand-labelled in 2015. It consists of HD webcam footage of the faces of 6 volunteers watching a nature documentary. There is 5 minutes of footage for each volunteer, and the videos demonstrate a considerable spread of blinking rates, blink durations, and other challenges.

The videos are in MPEG4 format.

The labels for each video are contained in the other file (${VIDEO FILE NAME}.vt) in the video directory. The states are:

  • 0 - The volunteer's eyes are open.
  • 1 - It is not clear whether the volunteers eyes are open or closed.
  • 2 - The volunteer's eyes are closed.

If you wish to use this in research, please use the following citation.

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